Prayer Wall

Evelyn Hamon – Kidney Cancer

Debra W. – Breast Cancer

Jim C – Cancer of the Tongue – Pray for his family, he just passed away

Vicki Angel – Wake Village, TX – Breast Cancer

Larry – stage 4 stomach and esophageal cancer

Katrina – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Kam Spencer – Senatobia, MS – Lupus & Renal failure

Sandra Moore – Breast Cancer

Erica – 29 – Breast Cancer

Emily C., Texarkana – age 16 – Cancerous Brain Tumors

Leslie V., Kentucky – mid 20’s – Leukemia – pronounced cancer free!

Ami M., Texarkana – age 35 – Chronic Pancreatitis & Lupus

Sharon B, Texarkana – Breast Cancer

Anita G – Ovarian Cancer – pronounced cancer free!

Jeffrey R – Stage 4 Cancer

Tim L – Cancer

Kim C, Texarkana – Breast Cancer

Mary Faith, 19 – Brain Tumor

Tamara W, Texarkana – Lung Cancer Stage 4

Zona D., Ashdown – Biopsy on Thyroid

MICHAEL Bull-38 years old Genoa Arkansas Colon Cancer

Amber B., Texarkana – 30’s – Ovarian Teritoma

Jodi N. Grandmother – Breast Cancer

Christian C. – 15 months old – Born with severe heart defects

*If you would like to add a name to this list, send me a comment and I will be glad to write them on the wall and pray for them. I will include full name or just partial name, city or state and diagnoses. If you would like a specific prayer request let me know. I will be praying for you and hope many more will join us in praying.