Prayer Wall

KAREISHA HUBBARD – Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Texarkana, TX
MICHELE THEILEN – Breast Cancer, Hanover, MN
LINDELL BENNETT – Colon & Liver Cancer, San Jose, CA
ADAIR UPSON- Breast Cancer, Texarkana, TX
BILLY JENNINGS – Colon Cancer, Ashdown AR
RAYMOND PRESLEY- Renal Carcinoma
KIM COVEY- Breast Cancer metastasis, Houston, TX
NICOLE – Breast Cancer metastasis, Dallas, TX
GRACE – Neck Cancer
EMILY CREWS- Brain Cancer, Texarkana, TX
DAVID HATLEY – Leukemia, Kenya
SHELLY CALLICOTT  – Colon Cancer, Redwater, TX
TRAVIS JACKSON – Renal Failure, Texarkana, TX

*If you would like to add a name to this list, send me a comment and I will be glad to write them on the wall and pray for them. I will include full name or just partial name, city or state and diagnoses. If you would like a specific prayer request let me know. I will be praying for you and hope many more will join us in praying.