All of us have scars. Some of our scars were caused by accidents we’ve had or by surgeries. Some of our scars may have been self inflicted. Still other scars may not be seen by the human eye, but we have been scarred emotionally when people hurt us or let us down. Most of us […]

Who is in Your Boat?

I have been in a storm this past year. I have faced cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and fear of the cancer returning. It has been scary at times. The storm I have been in has affected those I love…my family, my friends, my church members. They have experienced the storm along with me. The winds […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Article

Don’t Fall to Pieces

We have been taking the Proverbs Challenge during the month of January with our church. I have several different text groups, Facebook groups and email groups that I have been corresponding with. We are all reading one chapter of Proverbs a day and then commenting on a scripture that really spoke to us and ministered […]

Cancer Free!!

I saw my oncologist this week and after she studied my PET scan she declared me: Cancer Free!!! I have been waiting 7 months to hear those words. Of course, the other side of me says: if I am cancer free, then why do I have to keep getting infusions and radiation and take a […]

It’s Just Hair

I met a lady during my chemo treatment this week, her name was Jerene. She told us about her mother who had been a beautician all of her life and when she went through breast cancer and started losing her hair, she would say, “It’s just hair.” Her mother had spent her whole adult life […]

Clear Margins

My Report: Long day today, but good. Saw all 3 doctors at Baylor. Both surgeons thought I was healing up nicely. Dr. Grant said that I am NED – No Evidence of Disease. He cut out all detectable cancer and Margins are clear. He is making me do some arm exercises with a weight over […]