About Me

John and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in April. I had hoped to mark the occasion by a romantic trip like a cruise to Alaska, but it looks like we will be celebrating our 30th with a cruise to Baylor Hospital for chemo therapy. I am not going to fret over this too much, because I plan to have many more anniversaries with my loving, thoughtful, generous, kind husband. (Any other adjectives you recommend that will help him get the hint to plan this cruise for next year?) We have 3 children. John Henry is 25, and graduated last year with his MBA. Bethany is 20 and attends college. Our youngest is Rebekah and she is 13. Like everyone, we have faced difficulties… miscarriages, disappointments, financial and work stress… but we have never faced a battle that could cost one of us our life.

We have been blessed to have a great extended family who have rallied around us during this time: parents, siblings, friends and an absolutely wonderful church. We have been pastors at Church on the Rock for 28 years and they have been so supportive and loving through this time and have helped us in so many ways. I am truly a blessed woman.