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We had an incredible trip to Haiti! Sunday morning we dedicated the new church and there were over 6000 people packed into the building. They were all worshiping and rejoicing over the goodness of The Lord and His faithfulness. These were people who lost loved ones in the earthquake of 2010…spouses, children, family members, friends… […]

Gray Hair is Better Than No Hair!

So I was reading in my Bible yesterday morning doing the Proverbs Challenge and I came across this verse. “Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life.” (Prov. 16:31) I am getting more and more peach fuzz and I’ve decided that I must be living really godly because […]

Rough Week

I celebrated my birthday this past week with my family. They prepared me a wonderful lunch and dinner and gave me some beautiful new shoes and some pretty jewelry. My husband cooked a delicious, tender pork butt on his Green Egg Grill. My day was going perfect until I had to go to radiation. My […]

Cancer Free!!

I saw my oncologist this week and after she studied my PET scan she declared me: Cancer Free!!! I have been waiting 7 months to hear those words. Of course, the other side of me says: if I am cancer free, then why do I have to keep getting infusions and radiation and take a […]