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Happily Ever After

Our church has been reading through 2 Corinthians and the book of Job in our daily quiet time. Job and Paul had a lot in common… they both suffered a great deal. Job is not my favorite book in the Bible, although I do love how it ends. Everyone loves a “Happily Ever After” story. […]


We arrived home from our family vacation last night and I have been feeling so good since it has been almost 5 weeks since I had my last chemotherapy. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I have to go back on Monday for my missed appointment and I am anxious about what […]

Wild Flowers or Weeds

I went to Dallas for my chemotherapy on Monday and they wouldn’t let me have my treatment until I saw a cardiologist. I described my symptoms to the nurse practitioner and she called them heart palpitations. In some ways I am relieved to not have to have chemo this week, in other ways my whole […]