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Achy, Shaky, Bakey

This week has not been an easy week. I started a new chemo regimen and I was told that this was “chemo light.” I had it in my mind that all the bad side effects were behind me and that I was just going to breeze through the next few months and do great. It […]

Waste Your Life or Invest It

I have two friends this week that are facing very serious cancer diagnoses in their life. Both of them are struggling with how fragile life is and how their future has been dramatically altered. They are facing an uncertain tomorrow and are frightened, and I totally understand why. So many lives were shaken this past […]

From Rebekah – Age 13

Hi, my name’s Rebekah and 4 months ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, my life turned upside down. I started imagining life without a mom. That’s the moment when I felt abandoned. None of my friends understood the pain. My sister was off at college. I had nobody to talk to. I […]

You Can’t Scare Me With Heaven

I have a preacher friend who was diagnosed with cancer. Every time someone asked her about the doctor’s prognosis, her answer was always the same: “You can’t scare me with heaven.” So what is so scary about heaven? What are we so afraid of? Heaven is beyond description. The Bible says “No eye has seen, […]

Waiting for Normal

Whenever we go through a life-altering event…whether a serious illness, loss of a loved one, death of a marriage…our life is disrupted and the things we counted on change. We go through a period of wanting to get our “normal” life back. We are unhappy with our new reality. I know that one of my […]

Suffer Just Because…or Suffer With a Purpose

We just celebrated Easter, the most important event in the history of mankind. The one event all of us are betting our lives on…That either it happened just as recorded in scripture or that it is a myth and there is no heaven or hell, and there is no God that we have to give […]