Archives for March 2013

Counting My Blessings

I just returned home from my 3rd round of Chemo. I was tested two weeks ago for the “Cancer Gene” (BRAC 1 & 2). If I had this gene, it would have been life altering not only for me, but for my daughters, my sisters, my nieces, and for my granddaughters. (Not that I have […]

Gone! Gone! Gone!

I found this great old song from the 60’s that I thought you would enjoy. It made me laugh this morning before I went back to my friend, Melissa’s house, and shaved off what little hair I had left. So now it is official: Gone! Gone! Gone! I’m o.k. with that. It was looking pretty […]


Bethany came home from college last night for Spring break. We were planning on going to the Jonquil Festival in Hope, Arkansas to help celebrate her birthday. It’s kind of a tradition. I have worried that I might not feel up to going and if I did go, I wouldn’t feel up to attending church […]

It’s Just Hair

I met a lady during my chemo treatment this week, her name was Jerene. She told us about her mother who had been a beautician all of her life and when she went through breast cancer and started losing her hair, she would say, “It’s just hair.” Her mother had spent her whole adult life […]

Everyday Matters

I had lunch with another one of my girlfriends today. She gave me a beautiful silver necklace that she received when her son was diagnosed with immunization induced autism. He was around a year old when the doctors told her that he would never walk, talk or live a normal life. Her mother gave her […]

Branson Break

I had my first chemo treatment on Tuesday and the “day after shot” on Wednesday. My sister, Robin, drove me to Dallas and it was good to have her by my side. I then flew to Branson to join John for the Global Advance Pastor’s Conference. I was determined to go to this, had been […]