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Clear Margins

My Report: Long day today, but good. Saw all 3 doctors at Baylor. Both surgeons thought I was healing up nicely. Dr. Grant said that I am NED – No Evidence of Disease. He cut out all detectable cancer and Margins are clear. He is making me do some arm exercises with a weight over […]


I never dreamed that I would ever have cancer. I have always been pretty healthy. This was something that I never thought about or feared that I would ever struggle with. I have prayed with many people that have suffered with cancer, some were miraculously healed, others were healed through doctors and medicine, and others […]

First Follow Up Appointment

I Went to Dallas yesterday for my first follow up appt. I was exhausted but am healing up well. Of course I told the doctor that he was torturing me. He stuck a big horse needle in me full of saline. Very uncomfortable. :/ He just laughed. (Maybe not laughed exactly, but he didn’t seem […]


Jan 11th I finally talked to Dr. Grant’s nurse and she said the cancer is Stage 2. This is what was expected. He says that it is CURABLE if we attack it aggressively. Only 3 out of 19 lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. That seems to be a good report. I was hoping for […]

Pathology Report

It’s been one week since my surgery. Today I should hear from the doctor about my pathology report and my “prognosis.” I know what my end prognosis will be: HEALED! CANCER FREE! But that may not be what they tell me today. This morning I read the story about the man born blind in John […]

Still & Quiet

It’s Sunday morning my second morning at home. I slept a little better last night Went into the living room and since I couldn’t listen to my favorite preacher today (I’ll let you guess who that is), I turned on the Blessed Life by Robert Morris. It’s hard not being able to do for myself. […]

Day After Surgery

Day after surgery and it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. The doctors and staff here have been wonderful. It’s nice to be at a Christian hospital and to be prayed for by several different people. I still have quite a bit of pain, but I’m ready to go home in the morning and […]


From John: The surgeon came out at 11:45 and said everything went well…no surprises. PTL! Thanks so much for your concern and prayers. She will be in the hospital for a day or two. The pathology report will not be completed until early next week. The findings will determine her treatment plan. Please pray that […]