It was three weeks before Christmas when my doctor said four dreaded words that changed my life forever: “You have breast cancer.” The only other thing I heard the doctor say after that were words like “mastectomy” … “chemo” … “radiation”… My husband and I left the doctor’s office in shock. In the parking lot, John took me into his arms and held me close as I cried. I was scared. Actually, downright terrified. All the people I knew that had died of cancer went through my mind. I grieved the loss of my health, the loss of my “normal” life, and dreaded the thought that I would lose my breast. My world was spinning out of control. What about Christmas? What about my mission trip to Thailand? I was facing a battle that was trying to destroy my life. It was at that moment my husband said one thing that I will always remember: “You are more than just a boob.” In those seven simple words, he was telling me that my value as a woman did not come from my outward appearance. Those words gave me comfort and continue to bring a smile to my face now that I am on my post-mastectomy journey. I am more than just a boob. So I am writing my story in hope that I will help at least one other woman fighting breast cancer know that she is “more than just a boob.” I am also writing this blog for all the husbands, brothers, sisters, parents, children and friends to help their loved ones with breast cancer hold their heads high and know that they are “more than just a boob.”